Fridge Water Dispenser Tank

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Fridge Water Dispenser Tank

Fridges with water dispensers have been around for decades now. While very common in the US (a typical American style fridge-freezer would have water and ice dispenser) it remained a luxury in most British households for years. Recently however we noticed a growing popularity towards fridges with inbuilt water dispensers.

Water Dispenser Tank

Beko Fridge Water Dispenser Tank
Fridge Water Dispenser Tank

We all like the flavor of fresh cool water without any metallic or chlorine taste which is why most of us have water filter jug on our fridge door bottle shelf. Fortunately for us fridges with in built water dispenser tanks became more affordable in recent years. In fact brands like Beko offer various fridges with water dispenser tanks at no extra cost.

Fridge Water Filter

Unfortunately for us cool water is not the only thing we expect from our fridge. A metallic taste and oily film on the top our favorite cup of tea is something we really don’t like to taste or see. The solution to that problem is a fridge water filter. Bear in mind that not all the fridges with inbuilt water dispensers will have a water filter.

Water Filter. Is it for me?

It is most definitely worth investing in a fridge with an inbuilt water dispenser and water filter. In my opinion there is nothing better than constant supply of fresh drinking water. If you are a big fan of fresh water or use it on regular basis (like when you go to gym or jog regularly) this may save you a lot of money and hassle. Think of all the bottled water that you would normally buy and the money you would save by taking your own fresh water with you, not to mention doing your bit to save the environment as well.

Water Dispenser Tank maintenance

Should your fridge water dispenser tank get damaged don’t worry. There is no need to replace the whole fridge. The water tank can usually be easily replaced. It’s normally an easy and very straightforward process. As an example have a look at the Beko Fridge Water Dispenser Tank.

So whether you are an athlete or just a fan of a glass of cool water, a fridge that has a water dispenser tank will be the right choice for you.


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