Lamona (Howden) Freezer Flap

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We all get used to our freezers and go about our lives without thinking much of the days when a freezer was a luxury not a necessity. We only realise how important it is when it fails.

I had a look into most common problems occurring with our freezers and without any surprise to me it is freezer baskets, flaps and covers that are being treated poorly and fail quite often. Unfortunately at the top of the list are freezer flaps and freezer covers. These get damaged quite often and it is not uncommon for an engineer to see duct tape holding broken pieces and cracked flaps together inside your fridge or freezer.

Why do the freezer flaps and covers break?

It’s our fault. We try to squeeze too many items inside the drawers and our children seem to love to swing off them. At first it looks like we succeeded fitting all our food inside, however what we don’t realise is that food expands as soon as it starts to freeze. Ice crystals are slightly larger than the water which they were built from, therefore the frozen food will take much more room (especially those foods rich of water such as meat, fish and vegetables). Unfortunately these natural forces are gigantic. Freezing water can easily damage such strong materials like asphalt, pipes or concrete, therefore a plastic freezer flap will stand no chance with this force of nature and simply break.

Smashing a freezer door onto freezer flap or cover is second most common reason for flaps to break. We live our lives in hurry and often forget to close the freezer flap or leave freezer basket pulled out slightly. When the door smashes the flap or cover it simply breaks.

Freezer flap or cover?

A typical freezer will have both: flap and covers

  • Top (fast freeze) flap. In most cases this is a fixed compartment with drop down or lift up flap.
  • Freezer draw cover. The cover that is fixed to the front of the freezer drawer. This usually can be found on lower freezer baskets.

All freezer flaps and covers come in variety of sizes with different fitting pins so it is very important to look for one specific for your freezer model. It is not uncommon that two different freezer flaps will look alike however the dimensions and fittings will be different. Please bear in mind that flaps and covers although look very similar have different fittings. Your freezer most likely will have one flap (on the top) and one or many draw covers.

Lamona (Howden) Freezer Flaps

If you have Lamona fridge freezer you will need to check your model number in order to find correct flap or cover. Typical Lamona model number begins with HJA followed by 4 digit code. Please make sure you take model number from the appliance itself not the corresponding manual as these are often printed for several models. Few examples below:


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