Lamona Inner Oven Door Glass Exploading

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Lamona Inner Oven Door Glass

It’s now been a few months since following up on the ever present problem of the spontaneously exploding Lamona Inner Oven Door Glass. There are quite a few of us who are the unlucky ones where half way through your Sunday roast cooking there is a sudden explosion in your oven, only to find that along with your roast chicken and potatoes that you have about a million pieces of glass that have also peppered your favourite meal. Feeling frustrated doesn’t really sum up how most people feel.

I’ve searched the web and it seems that it is mostly a select range of Lamona ovens where this happens. I’ve noticed through my research that this particular door glass is fitted to various different brand cookers like Beko, Belling, Diplomat, Flavel and so on. From reading your comments though it seems that Lamona ovens are the ones that are mostly affected. One has to wonder why? Were these the only ovens where the door glass if fitted by what appears to be 2 screws (one ether side) which seems to be the butt of the problem and are all the other ones OK?

It’s also been suggested that cleaning the inner door removes a heat resistant coating. Surely this can’t be true? A heat resistant coating that you can clean off seems like an absurd excuse for a self-exploding door glass. Also, I am sure that all of us who never cleaned the glass and then it also exploded would disagree that this is the answer to the question.

Also, there are other various models of Lamona ovens which have a Lamona Inner Door Glass like model numbers HJA3212, HJA3220 and HJA3320 which seem to be exempt for suddenly self-destructing, of course this particular door glass is specific to these models only and seem to only need replacing when the wife gets a little over enthusiastic with the cleaning and drops it.

I look forward to reading what you all have to say, please keep the comments coming as we are all interested.

Lamona Oven Inner Door Glass

Lamona Oven Inner Door Glass


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