Lamona oven problems continues

September 24, 2012 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

My Lamona oven continues to give me grief. After replacing the Inner Door Glass which seems to continually self-destruct, I went to heat up my dinner and now my oven doesn’t heat up! A quick search on the internet reveals a likely suspect for my newest problem, it seems it’s not so uncommon to have to replace the Oven Element. Or, at least, this does seem to be the most likely cause according to us DIY’ers who would rather fix than replace.

Apparently, a lot of Oven Elements can be replaced without removing the oven itself, most but not all. As yet I am not sure if mine is one of these ovens. Also, some suggest a good way to know if the element is faulty is that the Oven Lamp will come on but there will be no heat from the oven. It seems this is the best and cheapest place to begin as this is what my oven is doing and without wanting to spend money on expensive engineers, this will be my first step on my next oven repair.


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