Hygena Cooker Hood PCB

September 22, 2012 at 4:15 pm Leave a comment

The other day someone asked me ‘Why won’t my cooker hood work?’, apparently it just died without warning. I of course had to ask what brand of cooker hood they had and was told that it was a Hygena model cooker hood. A little investigation led me to finding out that there are various types of Hygena PCB’s or printed circuit boards as we call them. Further investigation reveals that there seems to be a very common Hygena Printed Circuit Board that likes to act up, leaving us with no fan to suck up our cooking odours and leaving us in a fog of fried bacon. Luckily this was still available to buy as a lot of these cooker hoods are now very hard to acquire parts which seems is the norm with most MFI type appliances which no longer exist.

The particular PCB in question which was for model number APP2420 also fitted 11 other models as well. Also, a little bit of DIY know-how was required to fit this unit as soldering of wires was also required. Also, if you are doing this yourself please don’t forget to isolate the power supply!

After fitting the new PCB the cooker hood was back up and fully functional at a far reduced cost to what a new appliance would have been. A simple and relatively low cost fix for anyone who is a DIY person and would rather repair than replace.



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