Cooker Hood Carbon Filters & Grease Filters

September 22, 2012 at 2:50 pm Leave a comment

Cooker hood carbon filters are a great solution for reducing the cooking smells in your kitchen. The suck up the odours from your hob and then air passes through the carbon granules and out the other side with your cooking smells neutralised.

Cooker hood carbon filters come in various shapes and sizes for many different brand cooker hoods such as Ignis, AEG, Beko and Electrolux just to mention a few. They vary from being round like the Whirlpool Cooker Hood Carbon Filter D034 to square ones supplied as a pack of 2 for Cooker hoods like the Ariston model AGS. These are very high quality products and should always be used here possible but can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side.
Cooker Hood Universal Carbon Filter

Another excellent solution for those of us who have older cooker hoods is the Universal Cooker Hood Carbon Filter, these can be used in any cooker hood that recirculates air and that the dimensions are suitable for, you just need to get your tape measure and check before ordering. They can be simply cut of folded to fit and if it is not quite big enough for your cooker hood, just insert 2 of them. Also, these can be purchased as a set containing a Carbon Filter and Grease Filter for those of us who also require both of these items. Likewise, if you just require a Cooker Hood Grease Filter then this can also be purchased separately, just remember to check your dimensions to make sure this will be suitable for you. These are a low cost and effective replacement and suit most cooker hoods.

To keep your cooker hood in perfect working order make sure to replace these items regularly as dirty filters will lead to cooker hood that is simply not working correctly and is invariably useless at doing what it was designed for.


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