Lamona Oven Glass Explodes

May 31, 2012 at 6:22 am 1 comment

I have written about the exploding inner oven glass for Lamona ovens many times before. This is quick follow up on my enquiry in to the matter:

Recently Howdens (supplier of Lamona appliances) started to tell affected customers that the reason behind the breaking glass is the way the customer treats the oven. Apparently cleaning the oven with some heavy-duty cleaners may remove the heatproof layer from the inner door glass – at least that’s what Howdens has been telling some of its customers.

I didn’t buy that and continued with my private investigation. I have managed to gather following facts.

The facts:

  • The inner oven glass we talk about is manufactured by Beko and fits around 160 oven models of various makes: Beko, Belling, Flavel, Lamona and others.
  • The same glass fits only 11* models of Lamona (Howden) models.  That’s about 6.8% of all ovens that the glass has been fitted to.
  • From the survey conducted amongst customers whom ordered replacement inner glasses approximately 98% where those who had Lamona ovens (we have asked for a model number and 98% of them begun with HJA, which is Lamona code).

Quick summary:

It seems that the very same glass explodes in only 6.8% of these particular ovens. In other words: mere 6.8% of ovens are responsible of 98% of accidents. Coincidence? Not a chance.

The fault:

It seems like it’s easier (definitely cheaper) to blame customers for a glass that explodes spontaneously rather than take the full responsibility for the faulty design. But which one is it? I guess the right question to ask is what causes 98% of accidents in mere 6.8% ovens. Why other makes are not affected?

The simplest answer is the design of the oven itself.

The Devil is in the Design:

Oven Glass Fittings

Oven Glass Fittings

Lamona (Howden) 11* models.

Inner door glass is fitted by two screws on each side. The problem with this fitting has been described in here>>

Beko  106* models.

Inner door glass is hold by a frame and locked by locking mechanism on upper side of the door.

It seems that different fitting used by Beko solves the problem of exploding oven glass.

My advice:

Should you need to replace your oven glass (guess you are one of unlucky Lamona Howden customers) please contact manufacturer first. If your oven is less than 12 months old you should be able to get free replacement under your warranty. Don’t let them tell you that it’s your fault. We have heard from many customers whom complained that Howdens would try to blame you for the fault. Let them know that you are aware of this common problem and they probably will eventually replace the glass for you for free.

Unfortunately if your oven is more than 12 months old you will have to take care of replacing glass by yourself. Please take a special care when fitting the glass in particular not to screw the glass to tight as it may contribute to future glass failure.

*known as of the time of publishing this article.


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  • 1. Stephen Bottomley  |  July 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Try contacting Gary Rawlinson at Head Office as he seemed genuinly concerned, details below:

    Head Office
    International House
    1st Floor, 66 Chiltern Street
    W1U 4JT
    United Kingdom

    Tel: (020) 7535 1127
    Fax: (020) 8913 5181


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