Lamona (Howden) Grill Pan

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A grill pan is a type of oven pan (usually with a raised wire grill grid), used for cooking under the grill element of the cooker.  Grill pans come in variety of shapes and sizes and are not an integrated part of the oven (this means that original part can easily be replaced or subsidised by compatible or universal part).

Above we present the standard Lamona Grill Pan to fit the following Lamona cookers: HJA3240, HJA3400, HJA3700, HJA4610, HJA3242, HJA3650, HJA4600, HJA4620, HJA3300, HJA3660

It is a standard metal tray that measures approximately: 395mm x 340mm. The grill pan does not come with the grid and handle, as these are listed as separate parts. In order to gather the complete assembly you will need following items:

Lamona Howden Grill Pan

Grill Pan

Lamona Grill Pan Grid

Grill Pan Grid

Lamona Howden Grill Pan Handle

Grill Pan Handle

For those who would rather not spend a small fortune in order to replace whole set I would recommend a universal grill pan assembly. This product consists of pan, wire grid and a handle. Approximate measurements are 380mm x 280mm so it will easily fit Lamona and various other brands ovens. It’s an effective and most definitely cheaper way of replacing the Grill Pan.

Universal Grill Pan Assembly

Universal Grill Pan Assembly


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