Belling Hob Control Knob

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There are dozens of control knobs to fit a Belling Hob. They are all different sizes, shapes and made of different materials. Some of them are metal, however most of them are made from plastic with a metal or chrome finish. The basic reason for such variety of Belling control knobs are number of cookers available. Our database shows a record of around 5000 models. It doesn’t mean that there are 5000 control knobs though, as some parts are used through several different cooker models.

Hob Control Knob

Oven Control Knob

Hob Control Knob Shaft

Oven Control Knob Shaft

Choosing The Right Control Knob

I order to find the correct part you will need the model number of your cooker. This can usually be found inside the oven door, or in the case where the hob is separate appliance (such as built appliances) it could be on side or underneath of the hob. Also in some cases inbuilt appliances tend not to have any model numbers plates on them. Instead the label with the manufacturer model number could have been stuck to the user manual.

Things to watch out for

If your model number is nowhere to be found on the appliance and/or your appliance is built in you should get the manual. The engineer that fitted your kitchen would usually stick the appliance information label to the manual. Look for the sticker with the model number – don’t trust model numbers printed on the manual. These are printed for several models or variants of the same appliance so usually cover the range of models which may not necessarily be your model.

The other important thing to look for is any major difference between hob and oven knob. At first both knobs may look identical, however a closer look unveils that majority of hob control knobs will have different shaft to the oven knob. Have a look at the example above.

 How does the model number look like?

Typical model numbers for a Belling Cooker would look something like this:

050531082, 050531084, 050560065, 050560066, 050560067, 050560072, 050561071, 050561072, 050561073, 050561079, 100G, 757, 758, 852GR, 852SI, 923AN, 923CH, 923GR, 923SI, 924AN, 924CH, 924GR, 924SI, D852MK2SI, D852SI, G755AN, G755MK2AN, G756AN, G923AN, G923SI, G924AN, G924SI


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