Lamona Oven Glass Shattered

October 25, 2011 at 8:43 am 1 comment

I have written about the Lamona (Howden) inner door glass once before. It seems like the problem of the inner door glass shattering is greater than I originally thought, therefore I have decided to investigate the matter thoroughly.

 The Reason

My research proves that the reason behind the shattered glass is a design flaw. It seems to me like the two fitting screws on each side of the glass put enormous pressure on the glass during cooking. During the cooking cycle heat of up 250C force the glass and screws to expand and then shrink back again to it’s original size when the oven cools down. However glass and metal don’t expand and shrink in the same way (this is down to the physic properties known as Thermal Expansion). The process creates huge forces (Mechanics: Stress) between glass and screws. Unfortunately glass is not as “flexible” as metal screws, therefore when the stress reaches a critical point glass simply explodes in order to release accumulated energy.


I have conducted a survey amongst customers who had their Lamona oven glass shatter, and here are some key facts:

1.     The average lifespan of the oven glass seems to be about 9-12 months

2.     It appears that there are more chances that your oven glass will explode if you tamper with the fixing, i.e. you unscrew the glass in order to clean it and then screw it back again.

Affected Models

Lamona appliances are made by numerous manufacturers therefore the same glass is not used in all Lamona ovens. Here’s the list of affected models that we know of:


HJA3200, HJA3242, HJA3310, HJA4600, HJA3202, HJA3300, HJA3313, HJA4610, HJA3240, HJA3303, HJA3650


8540MB, BE62SSX, BE66FCHX, BE68MSX, 8540MX, BE63FCHX,           BE66FSW, BE92FVW, 9908MB, BE63FGHX, BE66FSX, BE92FVX, 9908MW, BE63FGHXP, BE66MSW, CIF207000MX, 9908MX, BE65FCHW, BE66MSX, CIG200000MB, AFO60X, BE65FGHW, BE66SSW, CIG200000MW, APG60X, BE65FGHW/1, BE66SSX, CIG201000MB, B61GHFX, BE65FGHX, BE68FSK, CIG201000MW, B61GHFXP, BE65FGHX/1, BE68FSW, CIG201000MX, BE61FSW, BE65FGHXP, BE68FSX, CIG202000MX, BE61FSX, BE65FSW, BE68MSK, CIG202001MX, BE62SSW, BE65FSX, BE68MSW, CIG203001MX

Where to buy?

You can get your Lamona Oven Glass from either or


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  • 1. fionnlasair  |  October 25, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Ooo, that’s interesting! I didn’t know that about glass and metal, but science was never my strong subject haha.

    By the way, I also think you’ll like this blog. If you have any comments or con crit about it, please let me know! =)


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