Grill Element

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When was a last time you had toast? Or homemade pizza with nicely sizzled cheese on the top? There are many ways to use your home grill. The truth is that every one of us uses it from time to time.

The lucky ones have their cooker fitted with a separate grill, those less lucky will have oven and grill combined in one. Regardless of the your cooker type, it will always have a separate grill element that heats your food from the top.

Different cookers have applied distinctive ways to operate your grill. Some use a same control knob to select the cooking program: baking, baking with fan, grill, grill with fan, etc. Others use separate controllers to set up the oven or grill (this option is more common in top range cookers where grill and oven are separated).

Belling Grill Element

Belling Grill Element

Half Grill Element

Belling Half Grill Element

How the grill works?

The grill element is different to the oven one. While most of the oven elements are round to fit around the oven fan, the grill elements are flat. This is to provide maximum heat on the top surface. Unlike oven elements, grill element has to generate a lot of heat in a short time; therefore you can usually notice the red burning color when the grill is on. Generally the faster the grill heats up the better. That is why some grills are fitted with half grill element – 2 separate units that will heat up faster than single unit.


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