Beko Freezer Flap

September 19, 2011 at 8:05 am Leave a comment

Freezers – we all love them. A brilliant appliance that lets us enjoy our food (and other items) longer. These days a freezer is a necessity in every household. We just can’t live without them. However, do we really look after our Fridge Freezer? I am sure that I am not the only one who has never bothered to replace a freezer flap when broken.

Yes my friends, freezer flaps are one of the most common parts that get damaged in this type of appliance. Why? Maybe because we love frozen food so much, that we often overload our freezer.

When food freezes it expands and sometimes can put enormous pressure on the freezer flap. The second most common reason for the flap to get damaged is  insecurely packaged food. If the food is not packed properly the water that it contains slowly starts to evaporate, and turn in to ice crystals as soon as it touches nearest cold surface – freezer flap. That’s why flaps get often stuck or jammed. Then when you pull the flap it simply breaks.

I had a look at the data and found that the most common to break is Beko Freezer Flap. Here are some typical Beko freezer models: CDA660FS, CDA660FW, CDA664FW, CDA670FS, CDA670FW, CDA671FW.


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