Oven Element

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Oven Element

If you look at your oven as a human being the electricity would be is blood, wiring its veins, and the heart would be an oven element.  Unfortunately this vital part of your oven quite often fails. Manufacturer fault? User error? Wear and Tear? Who cares, the important fact is that there will be no Sunday roast without a working oven element.

So what to do? Well buying new oven is not an option for everyone. The easiest way to fix the problem is to get new oven element. You call the engineer to do it (recommended, especially if you have no technical skills) or you can change it your self (in fact it’s not so difficult).

Your engineer will get the spare part for you from spare part store. Unfortunately, he probably will double the price of the part. This is common practice, and actually justified (after all he spends time to get it for you). However if you want to save some money, you can try to get the oven element yourself.

First check the brand of your cooker. This may be a Belling Oven, Creda Oven or any other brand. Then you will need model number of your oven. This can usually be found inside the oven itself, just around the oven door seal. A typical model will look like this: Belling 050554057, or Belling 050561075.

Now once you have your model number you can order your Belling Oven Element (example) online or from you local part store.




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