Maintenance of your Fridge Freezer

September 12, 2011 at 7:29 am

It is important to properly maintain you Fridge and Freeze if you wish to use it for years to come. Modern Fridge and Freezers are built of hundreds of spare parts that sometimes need to be replaced in order to keep your appliance up and running.

Some of those spares are consumables that you will have to replace more than once during the lifetime of your fridge freezer, such as: fridge light bulb or fridge water filter. Others such as fridge thermostat or fridge bottle shelf may only be necessary if original part gets broken.

So what to do when we need spare part for fridge freezer? Calling an engineer is one of the options. Unfortunately the call out fees are pretty high and it may cost you anything between £50-£100 per hour. As much as it seems good idea to get professional to fix your fridge thermostat or to tell you what part do you need, then it seems crazy and extremely expensive when you need to change fridge lamp or fridge water filter. Perhaps you could change it yourselves?

What to do?

If you need spare part fast then you should probably visit your local part store. Unfortunately there are hundreds of spare parts in every appliance. Then there are tens of brands and some of those manufacture hundreds of models. That gives you literally millions of spare parts just for the fridge. As we know you need to sell more than just fridges these days to make money therefor part store probably will also supply spares for other electrical appliances such as ovens, hobs, cookers, washers, dryers etc.

You will need place size of Wembley stadium to keep all those parts. Unless your local part store is one of those you will need to turn to alternative. Thankfully online parts store is a solution. They list millions of parts on their website catalog and can get the part you need send to you direct from manufacturer.


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