Belling Hob Control Knob for Belling Cookers

September 9, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Every hob needs control knob to run properly. Unfortunately sometimes these knobs can get damaged. There are few common reasons for knobs to get damaged. This can happen during the cleaning (often people pull them out to clean the grease off from underneath the knob and then accidentally brake the shaft). It is also reported that knobs can melt during the cooking, especially if you leave the oven door open during the cooking (Very common if you use your grill).

So what to do when your Belling hob control knob gets damaged?

There are many places to get the new hob control knob from. I highly recommend visiting or as both retailers specialise  in spare parts for electrical appliances.

You will also need model number of your Belling Hob. This can be found on the appliance itself (Never use manual or handbook to obtain your model number as this can be printed for several models). These are examples of typical Belling Hob models:

050531082, 050531084, 050560065, 050560066, 050560067, 050560072, 050561071, 050561072, 050561073, 050561079, 100G, 757, 758, 852GR, 852SI, 923AN, 923CH, 923GR, 923SI, 924AN, 924CH, 924GR, 924SI, D852MK2SI, D852SI, G755AN, G755MK2AN, G756AN, G923AN, G923SI, G924AN, G924SI



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